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The proposal list is meant to be your overview to see which customers are in which due state. 

Based on your last appointment and the customer's visit rhythm when it is due. 

The options are: 

Customers who are over their visit rhythm


Due in 1,2,3,4 weeks:
customers which are due based on their visit rhythm.


Half rhythm:
customers who are due based on their rhythm. E.g., a customer with visit rhythm 12 is now in week 7, and with that due in half its rhythm. 


Promotions that are created in the promotion sections are visible in the list too. 


You can choose a single customer and perform a "find visit" to get the best timeslot for the one customer, or you can perform a "fill calendar" to plan all selected customers into your calendar. Important: Promotions will be planned with the promotion priority.

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