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Fill Calendar is your primary function to plan your selected customers into your calendar. 


Besides finding the best and most efficient way, has the following parameter to create a realistic and efficient plan:


- User: Working hours, Break times, Area allocation, Week working hours


- Customer: Opening hours, Break times, Priority, Visit Duration


- Visits: Fixed appointments, Promotions


With all parameter, you can select the timeframe you want to plan and click on either:


- Fill Calendar and optimize: Takes all existing visits, adds the selected customers, and schedules them in the best way.
   It could be that flexible visits will be deleted from the calendar because higher priority customers were selected. 


- Fill Calendar: Takes all selected customers and plans it around the existing visits. 


In Advanced Settings, you can define what kind of visit status and type should be set to be inserted visits in the calendar. 


Furthermore, you can choose in visit duration and priority where the duration/priority is picked from. That can be from a customer (customer-specific duration) or a visit type (duration based on an activity on a visit).  


You can choose the start address as well. So that can be your default address or an alternative address you can create in your user settings.

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